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Unify X Tweak Simplifies Notifications

A new tweak called Unify X is just released a few days ago and it has a very special and important functionality which should have been introduced by the Apple.

What this tweak does is that it arranges all the notifications from a specific application into a group which makes it easier so, that users can read the notifications easily and manage them accordingly. The tweak Unify X will arrange all the notifications from a single app into a group of notifications from that same app.

The notifications are arranged in one notification section on Notification Center and Lockscreen. This tweak also has the option which allows the users to sort out the notifications as they like. They can either sort out the notifications according to time or app. It also has a Chaining link option by which the notifications from a same sender will be chained in a single group.

If the grouping feature doesn’t suit your liking then you can remove this feature. From the preferences pane of the tweak, you can enable the Do Not Group option to unchain the notifications. You can also remove the slide for more feature too. The tweak along with these feature also has some other functions which you will know after using the app.

The Unify X tweak is available for iOS 10 for $2. If you have previously used or bought this tweak then it will be available as a free upgrade.

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