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Tweaks: Safari Windows Unleashed and Adaptive Color Alerts

Safari Windows Unleashed

Safari Browser

In iOS, we have the default browser, Safari and it works really great in iOS and is used by many people but we can’t rule out the fact that this browser has some flaws. Though it is a great browser but there are certain areas such as performance where it just couldn’t compete with other browsers such as Google Chrome. Well, a new tweak called SafariUnleashed brings three performance improvements to Safari to improve its browsing experience.

Safari Problems

One of the problems with Safari is that tabs can’t exceed than 36. There is a tab limit set to 36 in Safari. Although that we don’t need more than 5-6 tabs at a time but some of us out there are power workers or doing some work and require more than 36 tabs open at a time. With the help of SafariUnleashed, you will be able to remove the tab limit of 36 tabs and open as many tabs as you want.

The second problem with the Safari is that it kills some opened tabs to clear the memory when the iPhone/iPad is running low on memory. Some people might have opened something important on Safari but when their iDevice is running low on memory then that tab might be closed. Not again anymore, SafariUnleashed disables this iOS’s automatic memory clearing feature and does not allow the automatic closing of tabs. Users with devices which have low RAM/Memory such as iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 can take advantage of this tweak.

Safari Performance Feature

Another performance feature of Safari is that it loads some web pages slower as compared to other browsers. With SafariUnleashed you will be able to visit the webpages that you visit frequently on your iDevice. The pages will load immediately and as the developer claims they “should not take more than a second [to load]”

SafariUnleashed is Available

SafariUnleashed is available for free on Cydia from the developer’s private repo: http://rishanan.github.io add this repo to Cydia and download this tweak. SafariUnleashed works with all the iOS 9 and iOS 10 jailbroken devices. If you don’t know how to add a repo/source to Cydia then read our article here.

Adaptive Color Alerts

AdaptiveColorAlerts tweak

If the notifications on the iOS have gotten a little old, boring or colorless for you then we have got something good for you. A new tweak called AdaptiveColorAlerts gives the iOS notifications a new look and colorizes them depending on the backgrounds. It affects the Banners, Advises, and Alerts and makes them colorful depending on the background.

Weather App

This not only works with the background of the home screen but also with the background of the apps too. e.g If you are using Weather app and the color of the Weather app is blue so, if a notification arrives at that time then the notification will have the blue color similar to the Weather app. Likewise, if the background is multicolored and ant notification arrives then the color of the notification will also be multi-color.

The tweak does have a preferences pane but that is only to enable or disable the tweak. After you install the tweak, respring is not required. Even if you enable or disable the tweak, still a respring is not required.

The tweak works really well with iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10 jailbroken devices. AdaptiveColorAlerts is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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