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CasualAlarm and Touchr

Tweaks of Today; CasualAlarm and Touchr

Casual Alarm

Most of us use our iPhone as our alarm clock in the morning to wake up, at least I do. Thanks to the built-in alarm feature we can pick up many alarm tones but some of us want to pick up a song for their alarm tone but this option is not available by default but this new jailbreak tweak called CasualAlarm makes this possible.

What this tweak does is that it select any random song from your Music library and sets it as your Alarm tone for the next alarm. It performs this by shuffling through Music Library of your iPhone and selects any random song so, you will listen to something different every day.

In stock iOS, there is only one alarm tone for each day and if you want to change the tone then you would have to do it manually every day which is kind of cumbersome. If you do change the alarm tone every day, you will still listen to some of the selected tones for weeks. This is tiresome and annoying that changing alarm tone every day and isn’t good for someone who likes to hear something different every day.

With the help of this tweak, you will listen to a new song every day from your music library and it makes it easy. So, now with this tweak you won’t have to set the alarm tone manually for alarm each day instead, the tweak, CasualAlarm will do it.

Although there is a chance for the repetition of a specific song because the randomization of the songs depends on the number of songs available in your Music Library. If your Music Library has more songs then a song will be repeated after a long time but if there are fewer songs then there is a high possibility for a song to repeat itself in future.

As soon as you install the tweak, head over to the preferences page of the page that you will find in the Settings app.  From there you can enable or disable the tweak as you want to. Enabling or disabling the tweak doesn’t require a respring.

After you configure the tweak, head over to Clock app and edit any previous alarm or set up a new alarm and you will notice Random Song for the Alarm Sound.

A downside for this tweak is that once it is enabled, you won’t be able to select any other sound as the Alarm tone. So, if the tweak is enabled then a random song will be played and you won’t have a pick in it.

CasualAlarm only works with Apple Music Library only. It is not compatible with 3rd party apps like Spotify, SoundCloud etc. It works perfectly with songs synced via iTunes on your iPhone Music Library.

CasualAlarm is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo and is available for free.

Touch R

Wouldn’t it be nice if we assign different actions to the Touch ID gestures? Well, it is now possible and all thanks to a wonderful tweak called Touchr. What this tweak does is that it allows you to performs specific actions by performs some gestures on the Touch ID. These gestures include a single press, double press, triple press, hold, press and hold, and pressing the button and then sliding on the screen.

After you install the tweak, head over to the preferences page of the tweak that you will find in the Settings. From there you can configure the tweak and then assign a specific action to each of the gesture of the Touch ID. You can also disable the tweak when you are using some app.


The actions include locking the device, Siri, opening App Switcher, open the last app, Screenshot the current screen and much more. After you install the tweak you can set each action and you will have to respring after making the changes.

The tweak has a 3-day trial and after that, it costs $1.99. The tweak works with iOS 9 and iOS 10 jailbroken devices. The tweak also works with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus too. You can get it for $1.99 from the following repo:


What are your thoughts about these two tweaks? Let me know in comments below.

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