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Turn Touch ID into Home Button with TouchHome Tweak

If you have jailbroken your device on iOS 10 as its stable version is also released then I have a new tweak for your that you should have on your jailbroken device. This new tweak is called TouchHome and it turns the iPhone’s Touch ID sensor into a home button.


Seems funny that Touch ID Sensor already has the Home Button but with the help of this tweak when you tap on the home button(not press) of iPhone then the iPhone will behave like the home button is pressed and will perform the specific function. e.g If you tap once on the Home Button then it will return to the home screen and If you tap twice then it will open the App Switcher.

This tweak, TouchHome is fully designed for iOS 10. There have many tweaks like this in past which turned Touch ID into the home button but for iOS 10 TouchHome is the first tweak to do so. VirtualHome was also a similar tweak which performed the same functionality but the problem with VirtualHome is that it is not supported for iOS 10 jailbreak and also VirtualHome is a paid tweak whereas TouchHome is a free tweak and open source so, that is also a plus point for TouchHome.

The TouchHome tweak is still being updated and had some bugs for reacting too fast and causes the device to return to the home screen immediately. Users on the Reddit reported about it and the developer is working on the tweak. This would be fixed in upcoming time.

How to download TouchHome?

The TouchHome tweak is available for free on Cydia. You can get it by adding the following repo in the Cydia: http://martinpham.gitlab.io/cydia

If the repo doesn’t work then you can still try this method to download it. To download TouchHome tweak:

  1. Install Filza/iFile App(Available in Cydia).
  2. Open the following link from Safari: https://gitlab.com/martinpham/TouchHome
  3. Now from the Github page Download the .DEB file.
  4. Open the .DEB file with Filza/iFile app.
  5. Now install the tweak.

That was how you can download the TouchHome tweak. If you have any questions or issues then leave a comment below.

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