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Turn Off Comments feature coming soon on Instagram

[sgmb id=”1″]Instagram is one of the most popular social networking apps and sharing photos and videos is the main thing to do on Instagram while commenting on them is also one of the main things. Adding comments on pictures and videos can be really good but sometimes there are butthurt people who just start commenting bad things and things get out of control until you delete that picture or video.

Many social networks have added a feature to control the comments and Instagram confirmed on their blog they will soon be adding a feature by which the users can turn off the comments for any of their post. This feature has already been rolled out to a few accounts but in a few weeks, it will be made public.

Users will also be able to like comments which will have a little heart next to them in upcoming weeks. Other features will include the ability to remove followers on private accounts and unnamed reporting for posts.

The update will be rolling out in upcoming weeks.

[Source:Instagram Blog]

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