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How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android?

Some years ago transferring contacts from one mobile to other was done manually and this was done by manually typing the names, phone numbers and other contact information which is a long task to do. Nowadays our smartphones make everything easier and they do most of our lengthy task and saving us quite a bit time. Transferring contact is one of the tasks that our smartphones can perform in a very short amount of time.

So, you are switching from an iPhone to any Android phone and want to transfer the contact. Today, I will be showing you some methods by those you can easily transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android. Let’s get started.

Method 1:

Sync contacts with Google Account:

The first thing that you must do before using any Android smartphone is creating a Google Account. Most of us already have a G-Mail account but if you don’t have you can make one easily.

After the account is created, log in on your Android device using that email and then pick up your iPhone which has your contact and then enter the GMail account in the Mail application on your iPhone. Enter your login information.

Now, the iPhone will ask you if you want to sync your contacts and other information. Make sure that Contact is selected in the prompt up and then after that, your contacts on iPhone will sync with your GMail and then they will be synced on your Android device. This process will take time and they will be synced one-by-one so, you have to be patient for this process as it will take awhile. Make sure that you have a working internet connection during this progress.

Keep in mind that iPhone won’t tell you about the completion sync process of contacts. So, you will have to check it manually. Now, after all, the contacts are synced, if you are logged in on your Android device then the contacts will sync and if you aren’t logged in then login using the same account and then the contacts will be synced on your Android device.

Method 2:

Transfer using iCloud

On your iPhone, if iCloud is enabled then transferring of contacts will take no time.

If iCloud is not enabled then you can do this by heading over to Settings -> iCloud and then enabling it. From there also turn on the toggle for Contacts too and then a prompt will be shown to ask if you want to Merge the device contacts will iCloud.

After this process is done, from any PC visit icloud.com and log in with your Apple ID details. After logging in with your Apple ID, select Contacts and then tap on gear icon that you will find in lower-left hand corner of the screen and then Select All. Now, Click on gear icon again and then choose Export vCard. Now, the vCard will be download on your PC.

Now, visit GMail.com and login in using the same account that you are using on your Android device. Now, look for Gmail option above Compose button on the left hand of the screen. Click on the Gmail option and a drop down menu will appear. Click on Contacts from that menu.

Sync Contacts Gmail-2

A new window will appear, from there click on More tab on left side of the screen and from there select Import and then Choose File. Now select the vCard file downloaded and the process of importing will be started.

Sync Contacts Gmail-1

After the process is completed, you will find some duplicate contacts and you can remove those duplicates easily. Under the same More, tab look for Find & Merge Duplicates and it will remove all the duplicate contacts.

Method 3:

Transfer with iTunes

You can also transfer your contacts using iTunes through your PC or Max. This method will require iTunes install on your PC.

Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac and iTunes will open on your PC. Select your iPhone in upper right-hand corner of the screen and in the Info tab of iPhone then toggle the check box of the Sync Contacts with and from there choose Google Contacts from the drop-down menu that will be shown. Now you will be asked to enter your GMail account information.

iTunes Contacts Sync

Enter your GMail account information and then the process of syncing will be started. After the process finishes, log in on your Android device using the same GMail account and you will find all those contacts there.

Method 4:

Use a third party application:

If you find all the above-mentioned methods don’t work then you do it by using some third-party application. You will have to install the application on both your iPhone and Android device and then it will be started. Below is one of the best apps to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.


phoneswappr is quite easy to use and with the help of this, you will be easily able to transfer all the contacts to the cloud and then transfer it to another device. Download the phoneswappr on both your iPhone and Android device. So, we are transferring contacts from iPhone to Android so, first, open the app on your iPhone and then tap on Send Contacts to Cloud button. All the contacts will be transferred to the Cloud and this will take awhile depending on a number of your contacts. Once the process is completed, a code will be shown to you. You can screenshot the code or write it on a paper so you won’t lost it when asked to put on another device.


Now open the phoneswappr app on your Android device and then tap on Get Contacts from Cloud button. Now you will be asked to put in the confirmation code. Enter it and then wait for the sync process to be completed. The process will take awhile and after everything goes correctly, the contacts will be added to your Android device.

PhoneSwappr on Google Play
phoneswappr on App Store

These are some of the easiest methods by which you can transfer contacts from your iPhone to Android device. Do you know about any other methods too? Let me know in comments below.

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