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Nokia Mobile phones Ringtones; Top 3 Websites to download

A very common problem usually Nokia users face is about websites from where they can download ringtone directly to their phone. Every Nokia user is provided with common ringtones, e.g. previously the Nokia official ringtone was used by everyone which mostly created problem to guess whose phone was ringing at that time. People now want something new and different, and for that, they try to search for websites which can provide them with best ways to download ringtones, as there are so many websites for ringtones, but they often create a problem in downloading them directly to the phone. Right, here we will tell about the most used and top 3 websites which will give a direct access to downloading ringtones directly to their cell phone or computer.


A very interesting and different website for downloading Nokia ringtones. Like Zedge, this also provides you with a variety of ringtones thus specified.This is particularly a rated website where the user can see the rating of a ringtone before downloading it, mobilesringtone.com provide you with two types of formats one is MP3 and the other is MP4, where MP4 is basically for Nokia cell phones. If you are thinking of downloading ringtones from this website you just need to download their application (mobilesringtone.com) where ringtones are uploaded in a well organized and ordered form like categories including subcategories and channel. No other website have this option of “channel”, as it makes this website different through this. People can upload ringtones to this website by signing in and at the same time they can earn through this website. Mian features of this website are:

1-MP3 and MP4 formats to download ringtone

2-Ringtones can be shared on social network

3- Upload ringtone by signing up

4- Liking and disliking of ringtone is allowed

5- User can make the specific channel earn


This website is apparently the easiest and fastest websites, and it does not just provide you with ringtones but also themes, wallpaper etc. This website has got a good collection of ringtones, whether you want cool or something more than that, which is directly downloaded to your phone and you can set that as your Nokia ringtone.Ringtone categories like Classical, Instrumental, Rock etc is available here. There are three basic and easiest steps for downloading a ringtone

1-Send an email to zedge.net

2-You need to scan the QR code provided by them

3-All in one this website provides you with best results to download Nokia ringtone.


One of the best websites for downloading of a ringtone which is not demanding anything from a user in return. There are categories present in here where a user can search for a ringtone through artist and heading. Just a few minor clicks and your required ringtone is downloaded within a seconds. This website also requires QR code to download ringtone. This not only provide you with ringtones but games, wallpapers, themes and much more.

We recommend Mobilesringtones.com for downloading Nokia Ringtones.

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