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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run coming on Android Soon!

Nintendo announced on its Twitter account that Super Mario Run will be coming sometime in March 2017 on Google Play Store. Just after three months of its release on iOS, Nintendo now finally gave us a release time for Super Mario. It made a huge splash on iOS and now we will see how it goes with Android.

The Android version “Super Mario Run” will be delivered in March 2017. Currently, Google Play accepts pre-registration to inform you of delivery start by notice. Please register.-Nintendo on Twitter.

The game debuted on iOS a long time ago and made a huge impact on App Store. It was released in over 150 countries in mid-December and just in 4 days of its launch, it had over 40 million downloads but after a while, the excitement has gone low but with the launch on Android, the game will receive a boost.

The game is an endless running in which you control Mario through a number of the 2D worlds. The game is available for free but that is trial version only. To play the full version of the game you will have to buy it for $9.99 to unlock its full features and contents.

Super Mario Run will launch sometime in March but you can pre-register for Super Mario Run from Play Store. Open the link below and get notified when Super Mario Run releases.

Pre-Register for Super Mario Run

[Source: Nintendo(Twitter)]

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