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Snapchat New Update: Limitless Snaps, Write with Emojis

Snapchat rolled out their latest update Snapchat which has introduced some new features to the app. The new version and of Snapchat now allows the users to send limitless snaps to their friends on Snapchat.

Before this update, users were able to view the snap for a maximum of 10 seconds but now the sender can send the snap to anyone for an infinite amount of time. However, once you open the snap then it will be deleted like before but users do the get the feature of no limit by which they can send a snap for an infinite amount of time to anyone.

In addition to this no limit feature, there is also a Magic Eraser feature which can be accessed by tapping on Scissors tool and then on Star icon. This is a big change for creative tools such as Scissors tool.

Snapchat New Features
Snapchat New Features

With this feature, users also get another feature which is the feature to write/draw with the emojis. This can be done by tapping on Pencil Icon and tapping on Star(iOS)/Heart(Android) and then selecting the emoji to draw. From the menu, you can select the emoji you want to draw with.

You can either download or update the Snapchat for free from App Store/Play Store.

Developer: Snap, Inc.
Price: Free+
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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