Send and Receive Money Through PayPal Using Siri

The latest update of PayPal is now compatible with Siri and allows you to send and receive money using your voice. This feature is available for 30 countries only including U.S. It’s really simple and works easily just by saying commands like “Hey Siri, Send John 80$ using PayPal”.

The company caught up with its rival to add this feature for sending and receiving money. If you are feeling insecure about your money then this will only work if your iPhone is unlocked. So, it will require your passcode or Touch ID to unlock your iPhone and say those commands to Siri.

This will prevent anyone to send money from home screen and will require passcode or Touch ID to unlock your iPhone first. So, it’s safe as any other which requires your iPhone to be unlocked.

Watch the video of this feature here:

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