Samsung to disable all the Note 7s in US


Galaxy Note 7

Samsung after completely disabling Note 7 in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, it has now officially announced that they would completely disable the Galaxy Note 7 in the US too.

Today, Samsung announced that an update will be issued to all the Galaxy Note 7 devices in the US and this update will completely disable the device and it will be useless after that. As quoted by Samsung, this update will “eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices.”

The update is scheduled to be released on December 19 and will be issued to all the Galaxy Note 7 phones within a month. Before that Samsung and carriers will be informing the users who still have a Note 7 about the Global recall and their device will soon be disabled. They will be informed to return their device and get something else in return.

According to Samsung, 93% Galaxy Note 7 devices have been recalled so far and that’s good news.

Written by Ehtisham Rehman

Ehtisham was first inspired by technology when he read about iPhone 5 and from that day He became a tech enthusiast and is now running this website. New technology every day inspires him and he loves to write about technology.

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