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Samsung to announce Note 7 investigation results

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung concluded its Galaxy Note 7 investigation and it was rumored that Samsung was able to identify the problem with Note 7 and what caused it to explode and now Samsung confirmed that it it will be announcing the results of these investigations on January 23.

A recent report from Reuters shows that Samsung has concluded that the problem with the Galaxy Note 7 was caused due to the battery. This is what Samsung will announce on 23rd January to calm down the Media and the customer.s Samsung was able to figure out that this was a battery problem not hardware or software and it is battery that is to be blamed.

It is kind of weird that battery caused this problem especially that Samsung recalled the devices then stared to sell them again with batteries from a different supplier than earlier. Samsung must have to reveal that what exactly was the reason behind the explosion of devices and also to ensures that something like this doesn’t happen again.

The report is from Reuters that battery was the main reason behind the explosions of Galaxy Note 7 but we will have to wait until 23rd January for Samsung to make an official announcement.

[Source: Reuters]

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