How to restart iPhone/iPad Without Home or Power Button?

Some of us have old iPhones and they are damaged and most of them don’t have a functional home button or power button and it becomes really hard to reboot that iPhone or iPad. We need reboots cause some of the times there are some software problems which are only fixed by rebooting.

Today, I will be discussing with you guys some easy method by which you can easily reboot your iPhone or iPad without using the Home button or Power button just your touch screen. These methods are really easy and don’t require anything special.

Method 1: Making text bold

iOS has a feature which makes the text of the whole device bigger than the normal and this feature for those people who don’t have a perfect vision but it can also be used to force the iPhone/iPad to reboot. To make your text bold;

  1. Go to Settings ->General->Accesibility.
  2. Toggle the Bold Switch slider.
  3. If it is turned on already then it will be turned off and vice versa.
  4. You will be asked for confirmation to reboot your device. Tap on continue and your device will reboot.

Method 2: Letting the battery drain

If you have enough time then you can leave your iPhone/iPad with screen brightness turned to full and let the battery drain out or you can open up an app like Pokemon Go and the battery will soon die and after that plug your device into the power source and it will be rebooted.

These were two easy methods by which you can easily reboot your iPhone or iPad without using Power and home button. Which method do you think is more easy? Let me know in comments below.

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