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CCRecord Tweak

Record your Screen with CCRecord Tweak

If you are one of that person who records their activity from their iPhone or iPad using third-party apps then I have a better solution for you regarding that. There is a newly released tweak called CCRecord tweak for iOS 10 which allows the users to record their device screen. After you install the tweak, a new Record button will be added in Control Center.

To record the screen’s activity, press that button and after you are finished up doing what you want to record you can tap on that button again and it will stop recording.

As the standard iOS has the option for recording the screen activity, the tweak CCRecord is very easy to use with nothing much to configure. All the tweak does is that it adds a record button in the Control Center and it doesn’t have somewhat complicated settings.

The tweak also records audio as well. The recordings made by you are stored in Camera Roll of the iPhone and can be accessed via stock Photo app.

Having some configurations for this tweak would have been nice as it doesn’t have the options by which we can change the recording size and other things.

If you are on iOS 10 jailbreak then you can get this tweak from Cydia and it is available for free. The developer said that he is working on the tweak and we will see more updates in near future. CCRecord is only supported for iOS 10 but soon it might be getting iOS 9 support too.

*If you are not jailbroken on iOS 10 then please wait for the stable release of iOS 10 yalu jailbreak. Jailbreaking using beta version might cause you some problems. So, it’s better to be on iOS 10.1.1 and remains un-jailbroken until a stable release is out.

Do you like this new screen recording tweak? Which apps have you been using before this tweak? Let me know in comments below.

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