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iPhone Hacking

How to protect your iPhone from hackers?

Apple takes security very important and makes sure that our data is safe and sound at all time but we shouldn’t be just sitting down and do nothing.Our iPhones store all of our data and private information such as photos, videos, text messages, email addresses, website data and even our banking and credit card information if we use online banking which most of us does. So, we should always try out best to make sure that our iPhone is secure from hackers.

Tips to Protect your iPhone from Hackers

While this iOS is pretty secure as compared to Android and Windows phone but still hackers can sometimes just barge into our iPhone like it’s nothing. Today we will be showing some tips and tricks to secure your iPhone hackers.

1. Using a longer passcode

Most of us on our iPhones use a 4-digit pin to lock our iPhone but there is a chance that someone might guess it correctly or try any software to guess it. It should be worrisome for users which have private data on their iPhone that there is a chance that 1 out 10,000 would guess your PIN and can unlock your iPhone.

What you can do this is use a six-digits passcode which may prevent them from getting into your device as 6-digits passcode is harder than 4-digits but still it may not be enough in some cases. As passcodes use a number from 0-9 so, some hacker can get into your iPhone.

Passcode iPhone

If you have just regular data then a 6-digit passcode would be good but if the data is sensitive then you can use a password instead of the passcode. In a password, you can set anything from numbers, letters, case-sensitive letters and symbols too which would make it very hard for hackers to break into your iPhone. Although this would take a lot of time than a normal passcode to unlock your device but if your device gets stolen or lost then a password would be great in that situation as no one will be able to access your device.

To change from PIN to password, Head over to Settings -> General -> Touch ID &Passcode -> Change Passcode -> Passcode options and select Custom Alphanumeric Code. So, now you can set a password using case-sensitivity, numbers, and symbols.

2. Stay up to date on latest version of iOS

This is a simple but useful tip to prevent your iPhone from hacking. One that you should always do is that always run the latest version of iOS whether it is a big one or a small one. Hackers constantly try to look for bugs in the iOS so, when Apple gets notified about it then it releases another version which fixes those bugs so, hackers won’t be able to get into your device.

Apple fixes the exploits by finding the flaws and bugs and then released the next the version so, users can stay safe. To update your iPhone to the latest version, head over to Settings -> General -> Software update. If you are not on the latest version then it will prompt you to download and install the latest version but if you are on the latest version then it will tell your that your software is up to date.

Update iPhone to latest verison

If your device is jailbroken then you should try to un-jailbreak it. As with jailbreak, you can’t update your iOS to the latest version and also jailbroken iPhone is easy for hackers to break into. If you want to un-jailbreak your device then read about it here onHow you can Remove Cydia and Un-Jailbreak your iPhone.

3. Activating Find My iPhone

Many of you may not know about this thing but it is actually a quite useful app which protects your iPhone if it gets hacked. Apple introduced Find my iPhone which can protect your iPhone against the hacker if it gets lost. This app was optional but in iOS 9 Apple made it default and it can’t be deleted.

So, if your iPhone gets stolen or lost and you have to Find my iPhone activated then you can protect your data and also prevent the thief/hacker to use the device. After you lose your iPhone, you can access Find My iPhone from any other Apple device or you can also log in to Find My iPhone using the Internet on any PC. From PC head over to https://www.icloud.com/find and log in using Apple ID. From there you can wipe your iPhone and also prevent the hacker/thief from using it. From the website, you can select your iPhone and then click on Erase iPhone and then confirm it. So, whenever the iPhone gets an internet connection it will be wiped out.

Find My iPhone

If you don’t know how to activate Find my iPhone then head Over to Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone and enable it.

4. Auto-Wipe Data

The next thing that would be best for stolen situation is that turning on the Auto-Wipe Data. If someone gets your iPhone and attempts to unlock your iPhone then after 10 incorrect attempts, the iPhone will wipe all of the data and content and the hacker will get nothing out of it.

This might be worrisome for you as sometimes we may also forget the passcode and try to unlock it, or when the iPhone is in hands on a kid then this might be a big problem will lead to the deletion of all the data.

Erase Data iPhone

If we have a backup made then this would not be a problem. You should always make a backup using iTunes or iCloud or turn the automatic backup so, if your data is wiped then you can regain it. If you want to enable the auto-wipe data feature then head over to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode, scroll all the way down and turn on Erase Data.

5. Avoiding opening unknown links

As the title says itself, if someone sends you an unknown link through text, email, or any other app then you shouldn’t open it. If you open the link then it could be a harmful link and will be a threat for your iPhone as hackers would be able to get into your device after your open that link or then can access your email account which would be bad. The link and the web page would look legit but mostly they aren’t. Some of them are phishing pages in which you fill the information and the information goes to the hacker.

Unknown Links Safari

Some of them are phishing pages in which you fill the information and the information goes to the hacker. So, avoid opening such links. If some stranger sends you an email then don’t even bother to open it as it may contain some kind of attachments which would also be a bait by the hacker.

6. Revoking app permissions

Whenever you install any new application it asks to access things like photos, contacts, camera, the microphone to use the app to it fullest. Allowing the app to access these means that you will be able to use all the features of the app but this means that apps can also access your private information.

Revoking App Permissions

Although this is against Apple’s privacy policy and if any app does this then it will be removed from App Store and so far nothing like this has happened but who knows they might be doing secretly. If you are using a non-common app with fewer installs then you can delete it or revoke its permissions. To revoke permissions, head over to Settings -> Privacy -> Select the permissions(e.g Contacts) and then toggle it off for that app.

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7. Disabling Siri from Lock Screen

Siri, the iOS personal assistant is really great and gives us access to many things without using our hands. But as the Siri is helpful for us, it can also be helpful for hackers too. On Lock screen when we ask Siri to do some private task then it opens the PIN code screen but hackers find some ways to manipulate Siri and access Contacts or Photos. This has been done multiple times where you think your iPhone is safe as it is locked but hackers can break into your iPhone using some kind of trick on Siri.

Siri Access Lock Screen

To disable Siri on Lock Screen, head over to Settings -> Siri and turn off allow access when locked.

8. Turning off the Autofill

Like Android, we should also turn off the auto-full for Safari. Web sites ask us to save our login data after we log in. This would be handy in many situations as it would make it easier to log in but sometimes it isn’t beneficial. Sometimes we save our credit card information and if hackers break into our device then can access all of the accounts using the Autofill and also use our credit cards to make payments.

Safari Autofill

So, it is better if we turn off the Autofill feature. To disable it Head Over to Settings -> Safari -> AutoFill and disable it.

9. Using a Security App:

Another thing that you can do is that install a security application on your iPhone. These security applications come handy in many situations. These security apps check the installed apps for possible vulnerabilities and also tell you if your iPhone is hacked or not.

Avast Secure Me

I recommend you using Avast SecureMe or MobiSheild for your iPhone. They will help you against the hackers.

10. Avoid using Public Networks

The last advice I am giving you is that you should always avoid using public Wi-Fi but if you are using it then avoid doing important stuff on it like banking or making payments as hackers can steal your passwords through the public network.

Hotspot Sheild iOS

Another thing that you can do is use VPN which will make your connection secure. I recommend you that you should try Hotspot Shield or CyberGhost to protect your network.

These were some methods that you can try and protect your iPhone from hackers. If you have any questions or queries then let me know in the comments below.

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