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PokeHunter & PokeTrack – Pokemon Go Scanners

As most of you, Pokémon Go must be aware of the Pokémon Go’s latest update and the release of 2nd Generation by Niantic. In the 2nd Generation, Niantic added 80 Pokémon from 2nd Generation and to catch ’em all, most of the previous users have started to play Pokémon Go Again so, they can catch ’em all before everyone.

This process of catching all Pokémon is real hard working and takes a lot of time and most of us are busy due to our tedious routines so, for that reason I have bought for you two of the best working Pokémon Go Scanner which will help you find and track all the new Pokémon around your location so, you can catch ’em all.

These scanners are working 100% and are tested by myself and they worked quite perfectly for me. With the help of these scanners, you will be able to scan any selected area and it will show you about the Pokemon in that particular area. You will also be able to filter out the 2nd Generation Pokemon too. So, Let’s get started with these scanners and trackers, PokeHunter and PokeTrack.


An exceptional global Pokémon scanner is PokeHunter. It allows you to select any area around the globe and it will scan and show you about the results about the Pokemon found in that area.

The scanner is very easy to use. All you have to do is open the website and enter your location in the Find Your Location box and then press enter. On left, there is a map where you can look for any particular area that you want to scan and then click on the map. A small popup will show up with an option of Scan here. Click on it and the scan will start. After the scan is completed, it will show about all the Pokemon found in that area.


It also has an option by which you can hide any particular Pokemon from the Map and along with Pokemon, it also shows about PokeStops and Gyms in that area. It only has one limitation and that is that it only allows you scan once in every 60 seconds. So, you will have to wait for 60 seconds before rescanning.

You can use this tool from here: PokeHunter.co


PokeTrack is another great and 100% Working, Real-Time Pokemon Tracker app and is available for all Android Device. It scans for all the Pokemon and shows about their name, IV Percentage Level, Moves and other features and characteristics of each Pokemon listed on the Map.

The PokeTrack app also has the filtration feature which allows you to filter out specific Pokemon that you want.(This will be handy to catch rare and 2nd Generation Pokemon) The app also has the option by which it notifies you about the Pokemon when it is found nearby and it also has the option by which you can set a custom notification sound.


The developers of this app have done a real great job developing it and they have even integrated it with Google Maps so, that users can easily find, track and locate the Pokemon they want without any difficulty. Just like PokeHunter, it also shows about PokeStops and Gyms in the area too.

It also has the ability to share the location of the Pokemon with your friends.

You can download PokeTrack app for Android from here.

These are the two of the best Pokemon Go Scanners. If you have any questions or issues about these scanners then leave a comment below.

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