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PokiiMap And PokeSensor for Pokemon GO

As most of you, Pokémon Go must be aware of the Pokémon Go’s latest update and the release of 2nd Generation by Niantic. In the 2nd Generation, Niantic added 80 Pokémon from 2nd Generation and to catch ’em all, most of the previous users have started to play Pokémon Go Again so, they can catch ’em all before everyone.

This process of catching all Pokémon is real hard working and takes a lot of time and most of us are busy due to our tedious routines so, for that reason I have bought for you two of the best working Pokémon Go Scanner which will help you find and track all the new Pokémon around your location so, you can catch ’em all.

These scanners are working 100% and are tested by myself and they worked quite perfectly for me. With the help of these scanners, you will be able to scan any selected area and it will show you about the Pokemon in that particular area. You will also be able to filter out the 2nd Generation Pokemon too. I mentioned about two scanners PokeHunter and PokeTrack. before and now let’s get started with the other two PokiiMap & PokeSensor.


PokiiMap is an another great and working Pokemon Go tracker/scanner and it is actually an app by which you scan for Pokemon that are available in the area near you and you can know about all the Pokemon and their locations without moving.

PokiiMap has a lot of features by which you can catch ’em all and complete your Pokedex. It also has the support for the latest Gen II Pokemon too. So, PokiiMap is a featureful Scanner and is available for Android.

You will have to login into the App. You can either use a GMail(Google) account or PTC Account and then setup the app. It also has the feature to filter out Pokemon and also Notifications for the filtered Pokemon, so you will be notified about those Pokemon that you have filtered out.

PokiiMap shows you the Pokemon present in a specific area with its full stats like Name, IVs, Level, and abilities so, you can know about the Pokemon that you want to catch and all about its abilities and other stats.

PokiiMap APK is available for download from here.


PokeSensor is a great, free and fully customizable Scanner for Pokemon. It has a lot if great features and everything can be adjusted manually. You can adjust the distance for a scan along with scan speed and other things for your adaptability rate.

The interface of PokeSensor app is user-friendly and the app is easy to use. It works flawlessly without any kind of problems. After a scan, it shows about all the Pokemon(hidden ones too) along with their IVs which can be helpful to distinguish between certain Pokemon.

The Scanner, PokeSensor has a scan radius of 2KM(2000-meters) and it shows the exact location of all the Pokemon and it also has Background running and Notification features.


The developers are working very hard and they update this app to patch up the new updates by Niantic and also add new features too with updates. You should give this scanner a try.

PokeSensor APK is available for download from here.

PokeSensor - Map for Pokemon GO
PokeSensor - Map for Pokemon GO

These are the two of the best Pokemon Go Scanners. If you have any questions or issues about these scanners then leave a comment below.

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