How to Play Any Audio In the Background Using Safari?

The YouTube app doesn’t has the feature to play the audio in the background and we want to listen to audio in background and do our work too. There is a way by which you can play the audio of YouTube and other website in background. All you have to is open any YouTube link or any other website’s link in Safari. When the audio starts playing you can press the home button and audio will continue in back.

For YouTube Videos and other videos you will have to press home button and then swipe from bottom to pull up the control center. From there, swipe to left and tap on the play button and the audio of the that video will start to play in background.

You won’t have to worry about the audio getting stop because the audio will still run in background and you can listen to while using other apps.

There is a slight difference between audio and video. On audio when you will press home button from Safari then the audio will run in background while in case of videos you will have to press home button and then open Control Center by swiping from bottom and swipe to left side to access the music player screen and tap on play button and the audio of that video will run in background.

 This trick works well on both iOS 9 and iOS 10 and probably with older versions of iOS. This is not a new trick but it’s a reminder for people who don’t know about it.
What are your thoughts about this trick? Did you face any problem? Let us know in comments below.

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