Unify X Tweak Simplifies Notifications


A new tweak called Unify X is just released a few days ago and it has a very special and important functionality which should have been introduced by the Apple. What this tweak does is that it arranges all the notifications from a specific application into a group which makes ...

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Change the icons Shape with SpringToolz

SpringToolz Cydia

Customization is one of the biggest advantage and main reasons people jailbreak their iOS device. If you want some neat, fancy, and clean customization for your Home Screen then we have got a new jailbreak tweak for you called SpringToolz. The tweak is developed by a renowned iOS developer, Stoyan ...

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CertRemainTime tweak shows when Jailbreak will Expire


The iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak is a semi-untethered jailbreak meaning that it requires re-jailbreaking your iPhone every time you restart it. To Re-Jailbreak iPhone, Yalu Jailbreak app is required which can be installed on iPhone. There are some advantages of this kind of jailbreak that we can disable the jailbreak ...

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Fake Snapchat stats with SpoofSnap Tweak

SpoofSnap Tweak

Snapchat is a very popular social network as you may know. Being popular on Snapchat is like being very popular but most of us just aren’t much popular. At most, we get somewhat 30-40 views on each Snap and one screenshot in about 10 or more snaps which are very ...

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Snapchat New Update: Limitless Snaps, Write with Emojis

Snapchat GeoFilters Hack

Snapchat rolled out their latest update Snapchat which has introduced some new features to the app. The new version and of Snapchat now allows the users to send limitless snaps to their friends on Snapchat. Before this update, users were able to view the snap for a ...

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Customize your lock screen with LockPlus10 Tweak


With Jailbreaking your device, there come many things which a person can do and customize his iPhone. There are many tweaks with the help of which we can customize the look and feel of our iPhone. LockPlus 10 is a Cydia tweak with the help of which we can customize ...

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How to Enhance the Performance on your Android Device?

Galaxy S7 Edge

Is your phone running slow? Look, what we have for you! Android has been dominating the market of smartphones due to its user- friendly interface. However, when we load our smartphones with multiple applications, then it starts working slowly. It’s not our fault if we are loading applications because they ...

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Disable Facebook stories with NoMoreStories


A few days ago Facebook just introduced stories just like Snapchat which allows the users to share their videos and photos with their Facebook friends for 24 hours after which those stories disappear. Many popular social networking apps of the Facebook Inc. like WhatsApp and Instagram also introduced these stories ...

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