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Noctis Tweak

Noctis Tweak now available for iOS 10 Jailbreak

[Update: 1/10/2017: Tweak is out now]

As the iOS 10 beta jailbreak is out and is called Yalu but we are still waiting for stable and full version of the iOS 10 jailbreak while developers have already started working on the tweaks and we just got information about a new upcoming tweak called Noctis which aims to bring dark mode to the interface of the iOS.

The tweak will make different parts of the interface turn to dark which will give it a better and sleek look. At least better than the stock iOS look. If you don’t like the normal interface of iOS then you should probably go for this awesome tweak to give your mobile a sleek look.

The Noctis tweak will be available for iOS 10 and will bring a dark look to notifications, folders, 3D Touch menus, Control Center, Spotlight search, and widgets. A toggle button of the tweak will also be added in the Control Center so you can enable or disable the tweak anytime you want to.

The tweak is to priced at 1.50$ as quoted by the developer and the release date is not yet finalized.


The popular Noctis tweak which had got fame when it was announced is now released and it is available to download from Cydia. The tweak will bring dark mode to the iOS that be triggred from Control Center when users want to. It will bring this mode and make iOS a bit more good looking and fill the gap left by Apple in iOS.

The tweak has 3 levels of darkness; light, medium and dark shades of black for the iPhone so, users can select anyone which they want. All the three modes look very good and decent. After you choose any level of darkness, you will see dark mode implemented on lock screen notifications, banner alerts, 3D Touch menus, Notification Center alerts and widgets, folders, and the Control Center.

Noctis Tweak

As in Cydia for iOS 10 has yet to have payment processing, users will have to buy the tweak through the Developer’s store. The Payment can be made via PayPal and after that you will be given a link to the private repo of the tweak from where you can download it. The Developer said that these purchases made before Cydia’s official payment processing, they will be transferred to Cydia once ready. The Noctis tweak costs $2 and will work with iOS 10 jailbroken devices.

To purchase, please go to http://store.laughingquoll.net and fill out the details. You will be directed to the PayPal checkout. Once completed be sure to click return to merchant to receive your unique repository link.

If you lose your repository link you will need to send me a message so I can sort out your access.



-Noctis Developer

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