New Friendly Run Mode in Super Mario Run update

The first update of Super Mario Run is rolled out by Nintendo and this new update added a new game mode with it. This new game mode is called Friendly Run and it allows you to compete with your friends that you have added.

This mode doesn’t has any coins, any toads or enemies that level up so, this mode will be more like a practice mode for the game. To try out this new game mode you also won’t have to spend rally tickets.

However, this mode is kind of limited and is only available for the full version of Super Mario Run. In the full version of Super Mario Run, if you have cleared the World 1 then you will be able to play this game mode up to 3 times a day and if you have cleared the World 2 and above that then you will be able to play this game for up to 5 times a day. If you are still stuck on World 1 then you will get one Friendly Run ticket and will be eligible to play it once a day.

Nintendo quoted that they won’t be adding new content to the game and this new Friendly Run mode is just a new game mode and it doesn’t have any content rather it just allows users to replay this game and compete with their friends. This mode will also bring some good for Nintendo as users will invite their friends to this game and in this way more people will buy and play Super Mario Run.

What are your thoughts about this new game of Super Mario Run? Have you tried this out? Let me know in comments below!

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