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Jailbreak iOS 9.2 Advantages

So, you are a new Apple device user such as iPhone or iPad then you may have come across a popular term called “jailbreaking”. What is jailbreak? Is it safe to Jailbreak? What are the iPhone Jailbreak Advantages or Advantages of Jailbreak? Know about all of this below.

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking any iOS device means that you bypass all the restrictions that Apple has in the operating system and take full control over your device. This means that you can access all the things that were not available to you after jailbreaking.

Is Jailbreaking Legal?

By the law in the US, the jailbreaking of any iOS device is legal and you can do it without breaking any kind of law but keep in mind that after you jailbreak your device you void its warranty so, if anything goes wrong during jailbreak(most of the times it goes fine) then you will be responsible for that. Apple will not fix your device as you void the warranty.

Is it Safe to Jailbreak my iPhone?

Many say that it is safe to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad. Some say that it is harmful to your device to jailbreak but truth to be told that after you jailbreak your device you actually remove the security barrier that the iOS has built in. So, jailbreak your device can be harmful sometimes but if you just be careful and avoid installation of unknown tweaks then you are fine.

What are the iPhone Jailbreak Advantages or Advantages of Jailbreak?

Jailbreak has many advantages that could be very helpful for you. The iPhone Jailbreak Advantages are mentioned below:

1. Install A bunch of new Apps

Apple is fairly restrictive and doesn’t allow many application to be uploaded to the App Store. With the help of Jailbreak, you can install all the apps that aren’t available on the App Store. You can download all the apps through Cydia which the jailbreak framework.

Bunch of Apps Jailbreak

These apps include some customization apps, games, networking apps and more.

2. Customization

With Jailbreak, you can completely customize your iPhone/iPad the way you like and the way you want to. By default, the iOS doesn’t have much customization options available but with the help of Jailbreak tweak, you can customize everything on your iPhone. Everything can be customized with the help of Jailbreak tweaks such as Springtomize 3.

Customization Jailbreak

3. Access iOS File-System

After you jailbreak your iPhone/iPad you can access its file system and everything is exposed to the users.

You can also install secure shell (SSH) client by which you can move data between two devices easily and securely. You can also use SSH to connect your iPhone to PC and fix the corrupted files or install the games in .ipa extension.

One thing that you should do is change the password because the default password is “alpine” and everyone knows that. If you don’t change your password then someone can sneak into your device. So, it is better to change the administrative password.

4. Unlock your device and Change your Carrier

If you want to unlock your device from a specific carrier then jailbreaking is the only way you can do it yourself. You can unlock and go from one SIM card to another with the help of jailbreak.

Unlock iPhone Jailbreak

If you have AT&T or T-Mobile iPhone/iPad then you can unlock it from their store if you paid the full price for the iPhone/iPad but you can also do it by jailbreaking your iPhone and then unlocking it for any carrier.

5. Set default apps

One of the major problems with iOS is that we can’t set default apps for any kind of function. The default apps are the Apple ones but after you jailbreak you can set any default app you like.

Default Apps Jailbreak

For Example, if for any reasons Maps are required then you can set Google Maps as default app instead of Apple Maps and also change the default Browser from Safari to Chrome or Firefox with the help of Jailbreak Tweaks.

6. Lock Apps and Folder

By default, the iOS doesn’t allow the locking of apps and folders and on App Store, there is no such app for this purpose but with the help of Jailbreak tweaks such as AppLocker, you can lock all the apps and folder that you want.

App Lock Jailbreak

If you want to lock your Photos and Videos then you can do it with the help of Jailbreak Tweaks.

7. File Managers

The default iOS doesn’t have any kind of File Manager but with the help of Jailbreak tweaks, you can access a complete file manager for your iPhone. One of such tweak is iFile which allows you Manage and View files also move them or edit as you want to.

File Manager Jailbreak

8. Themes

After you Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad you can customize it and then install any theme that you want to in order to transform and customize your iPhone. You can give your iPhone Android look or give your iPad Mac look. You can also change the dock and top bar icons. You can also change the app icons to adjust to your likes. All with the help of jailbreak tweaks.

Jailbreak Theme

9. Change Fonts

Watching the default iOS font, we get bored and just want to try out something new. After jailbreaking your iPhone you can customize the system font on your iPhone/iPad. It will change all the fonts in apps, Lock Screen and in more place. BytaFont 2 is an example of font changing tweak that you must try.

Change Fonts Jailbreak

Final Words

These were some of the iPhone Jailbreak Advantages – Advantages of Jailbreak. Jailbreaking iPhone gives it some really great features but it also has some vulnerabilities which can be harmful to your device if you aren’t careful enough.

Some of the Jailbreak Tweaks:

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