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iOS 10.2 lets you have more control over Camera

Before iOS 10.2, whenever you used the camera app and then closed it then it would automatically come back to the normal Photo mode when you open again instead of opening again with that mode e.g Video Mode or Slo-Mo. This is because Photo Mode is the default mode and it allows the users to take simple pictures. While it is helpful that most users use the Photo Mode but there are users who want the Camera app to launch directly at Video Mode or Slo-Mo and Apple made it possible to iOS 10.2.

The camera app will remember the mode that you used the last time and with go directly to that mode. To enable preserve feature, head over to Settings app > Photos & Camera > Preserve Settings and toggle the slider for Camera Mode to turn it on. You can also toggle the other two modes, Photo Filter, and Live Photo if you want to.

It’s nice to see that Apple is giving it as an option and not as default because some people want to take videos instantly while others want to take pictures. So, for those who want the default Photo Mode, they can turn this feature off.

iOS 10.2 brought some really great features and you can read more about these features here. iOS 10.2 Preserve Settings is also one of the great features that Apple introduced in iOS 10.2. What are your thoughts about this feature? Let me know in comments below.

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