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How to protect your Android device from getting hacked?

How to protect your Android device from getting hacked?

We use our smartphones for every task we do online. From chatting with our friends and family to making secure payments. Our smartphone have become our online identity and have all our information but there are many hackers and thieves which are constantly looking to get our information. This information includes our photos and contacts to our bank account details. If we are not careful enough then our entire information might be hacked and shared with others people all over the world.

Today, I will be giving you some tips on how you can protect your Android device from hackers so, they won’t be able to get your information.

1. Never Save your Information and Password

Many of us save our passwords and information on websites to save time for the next time but actually, it can be quite harmful to your accounts. If someone got hands on your device then all of your passwords saved on the device will fall into wrong hands. This may include banking or payment information and you will lose all of your money which you don’t want.

2. Lock your device

Lock Screen Android

All of the Android devices allow you to lock your device with either a password, pin, pattern, voice recognition or face unlock. You can choose any type of lock from the Settings but when settings up these locks or pattern, you shouldn’t go with something easy and obvious such as 5555 or a Z pattern instead go with something very hard such 2937 or irregular pattern to make it hard for people to log in into your device.

3. Lock your Apps

App lock

You should always lock your apps especially those which have your private information that you don’t want others to access. This is an additional layer of security. If someone stole your device and somehow bypassed the pattern or pin then this would prevent them from accessing the certainly locked apps.

To lock your apps, you can use free apps like App Lock to lock your applications. You shouldn’t lock all of the applications like common apps such as camera but you should lock your email apps or banking apps such Payoneer or Paypal.

Don’t use the same pattern/pin as your lock screen. The thief will try for that same pin/pattern obviously so, use something very different from it.

4. Checking App Permissions

Before you install any application from Google Play Store, you should always read the app permission. Most of the times the apps require things that are useful when using that app but sometimes apps require permissions that they don’t need.

For Example: If you download an Alarm application and it requires the permission to read your messages then this app is not safe because why would an alarm app require permission to read your text messages.

App Permisions

If you have a rooted Android device then you should be more careful as some apps get root access and then after that they can basically control your device and use it. If you want to unroot your android device then read our article here on How to Unroot your Android Device.

While you are downloading an app, you can always check the comments and reviews on that app. People who would have installed the app before you may have left their opinion and review on how the app is.

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5. Securing Your Network

Another important thing that you need to do is that you should make your network secure. Whenever you are using a public Wi-Fi then never do important stuff like banking or making payments as hackers can sniff out your packets and then convert them into data. In this way your private information may be leaked so, you should avoid doing such things on Public networks.

To protect your information you can always use a VPN such as Hotspot Shield or Hideninja VPN so, that your connection is encrypted. If you think that someone might try a hacking attack on your device then you can use apps like WiFi Protector to prevent these attackers.

6. Using Antivirus

Another thing that you should try is that always have an antivirus installed on your device. There are many Antivirus apps that you can try but you should use the one which you think is good. I recommend you avast! Mobile Security as it is one of the best.

Android Antivirus

Even if you have an antivirus installed, you shouldn’t let your guard down as hackers are coming with something new every day.

These were some tips that you can try to protect your Android device from getting hacked. If you have any questions then leave a comment below.

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