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hide SMS on Android

How to hide SMS on Android?

So, you have got some personal text messages or something secret and you don’t want anyone else to look at your private conversations. The reason may be anything whether a secret girlfriend or something else. Although we have our phones locked to ourselves but sometimes it’s our friends or family member that know our passcode/pattern and can easily unlock our device. So, if you want to hide your private conversations then you are in luck.

I have got a list of some applications that will help you hide those private conversations and they will only be visible to you. By default Android Operating System doesn’t have this feature of hiding text messages so, third-party apps come hand in this situation. So let’s get started with those apps:

1. Hide SMS and Call Recorder (Free)

Hide SMS and Call Recorder

Hide SMS and Call Recorder is a great app to prevent anyone from spying on your personal messages and calls. This app will be your default messaging app and will record all of your private conversation. This app not only protects your messages but also call logs, contacts and other related information. It also has built-in call recorder to record your calls if you want to.

If you are insecure about people reading your conversation then Hide SMS and Call Recorder is the app for. If someone finds about this app then they will have to enter the password that you put during the setup so, they won’t be able to access your private conversations.

Hide SMS and Call Recorder is available for free on Google Play Store.

2. Message Locker (Free)

Message Locker

Message Locker is an app that will allow you to lock your text messages and conversation and with that other messaging apps too that you might want to hide too. You can either set a PIN or Pattern to lock your messaging and email apps and then use that PIN/Pattern to open them. It will recognize the messaging apps itself from Default Messaging app to WhatsApp and others.

Message Locker is available for free on Google Play Store

3. Private Message Box (Free)

Private Message Box

Private Message Box is another app that allows you to hide your conversations from people. In this app, you will have to select any contact and then add it as Private Contact. Now, whenever a new message will come from that contact then it will be moved to the Private Message Box app instead of default Messaging app. It saves SMS/MMS/Call Logs of secret contacts. Your conversations and calls will be 100% Secret and secure as the app claims. To open the app you will have to Dial “1234” (Default Password).

Private Message Box is available for free on Google Play Store.

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4- Private SMS and Call (Free):

Private SMS & Call

Private SMS & Calls sets a personal space on your phone and there you can add the contacts whose conversations you want to hide. The incoming and outgoing messages between the private contacts will be in that personal space and it won’t show in the default messaging app. Call logs from these private contacts are also hidden. If you receive a new text from the private contacts then a “dummy” text will be shown as notification.

The app icon can also be hidden. After hide option is enabled, you can then open the app by dialing your “##pin password” (such as ##1234).

Private SMS & Call is available for free on Google Play Store

5- Vault-Hide SMS (Free):

Vault-Hide SMS

Vault-Hide SMS is one of the best apps to hide messages. With the feature of hiding SMS, it also allows you to hide private pictures, videos, call logs, and contacts on your phone. To hide SMS and Call logs, you will have to set “private contacts” and messages and calls from those contacts will be hidden.

With this app, you can also hide pictures, videos, browsing history and other stuff. You can also sync your contacts with the cloud so they will never get lost. It also allows you recover the password if you forget it using a security email that you can setup.

This app takes a step further and you can create a fake vault with fake information. So, if anyone insists then you can show them fake fault. It also secretly snaps a picture of anyone who attempts to access with a wrong PIN. It captures the picture using front camera and also the time and PIN used by the intruder.

Vault-Hide SMS is available for free on Google Play Store.

These were some apps by which you can easily hide your private message and conversations from anyone.

If you have any question then leave a comment below!

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