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How to get paid apps for free on iOS and Android?

How to get paid cool apps for free on iOS and Android?

On App Store and Play Store, most of the apps are free apps and these free apps are really great but there is something about them that annoys everyone and that is constant advertisements. Well, advertisements are one of the ways by which the developers can earn some money and continue their hard work but still it is annoying. There are some apps and games that are free of ads but they cost some money.

Disclaimer: We at iOSnDroid don’t support or recommend any idea or content that incurs any loss to developer/s in any manner. We do not intend to encourage readers to free download all apps. Our sole purpose to upload this information is to let readers try out costly apps before they decide to buy them. We are not associated and/or affiliated and/or linked with any website/software mentioned in this post.

Free Paid Apps For iphone

Most of us don’t want to spend money on paid apps and games but we still want those apps games. Getting these apps and games without money may seem a hard work to most of us but clearly, it isn’t that hard to get these paid apps and games for free on your iOS or Android device.

Top Free Apps

Today we will be showing you how you can easily get paid apps and games that you always wanted for free on both Android and iOS. For this method, you don’t require a rooted Android device or a jailbroken iPhone. Just follow the steps below carefully and you will easily acquire all the paid apps.

How to get paid apps and games for free on Android

For Android, there are actually many methods by which you can get paid apps and games but I will be showing you two easiest methods by which you can get these paid apps and games.


How to Download the APK

Method to install paid app in free via APK file

The first method to get any paid app is that you download its .apk file and then install it. Follow these steps to download .apk file of any app and install it:

  1. From your Android device’s browser or PC browser, search for the (app name apk).
  2. From there open any website and download the .apk of that app.
  3. Download the apk of that app from your Android device.
  4. If you downloaded the apk from your PC then transfer the apk to your Android device.
  5. Now open the default File Manager and install the apk from it.
  6. The apk will be successfully installed and you will be able to use that app.

*Do Note that apps which work online may not be found using apk and you will have to either buy them or look for them using 2nd Method.

Method#2 Using vShare:

The second method requires installing a specific software/app called vShare. Follow the steps to get paid apps for free:

  1. From your Android’s browser, visit http://android.vshare.com.
  2. Download vShare from top right corner of the screen.
    Installing vShare Android-1
  3. Install the vShare’s apk and open it.
  4. After opening the vShare search for any paid app/game.
  5. Visit the download page of that app/game and download it for free using vShare.
    Installing vShare Android-2

Now using vShare you will be easily able to get almost every paid app for free.

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How to get paid apps and games for free on iOS:

For un-jailbroken iOS devices, there is only one method and that also requires vShare. The method for iOS 10 devices is slightly different than iOS 9 and below. To get paid apps for free on your iOS device, follow the steps below:

iOS 10:

  1. From your iOS Open Safari and visit vsharedownload.com.
  2. Now tap on the bottom of the screen to show the Safari’s menu.
  3. From that menu tap on the Arrow icon.
    vShare iOS 10
  4. Some options will show, from that tap on Add to Home Screen.
  5. A new window will open. Rename the app icon to vShare and tap on add at upper right-hand corner.
  6. Tap home button and you will see vShare installed on your home screen.
    vShare iOS 10-2

If you faced any problem then try to close all the tabs of Safari and also close all the apps and then try again.

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iOS 9 Method#1(Requires PC):

  1. From your Windows PC/Mac visit www.vshare.com.
  2. Look at right side of the page for “Download vShare PC” and then tap on the Download button below to download vShare on PC.
  3. The vShare installer will now be downloaded on your PC. When I downloaded it then the size was 122 MB.
  4. Let download finish and after that open the installer and click on One Key Installer.
  5. Let the installer finish the installation of the software which will be then used to install vShare on your iOS device.
  6. Open the program after installation and connect your device to your PC/Mac.
    Installing vShare using PC
  7. Now, the installer will take some time to authorize apps, let it do its task.
  8. Look at your iPhone’s home screen and you will see vShare SE installed.
  9. If it’s now installed then from your PC tap on install vShare from that software and after it completes, vShare will be installed on your iDevice.
    vShare iOS Install

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iOS 9 Method#2(No PC):

  1. From your device launch safari and visit http://vshare.com.
  2. On the vShare’s official website, you will see two options, Jailbroken or Un-jailbroken device. Tap on Un-Jailbroken to continue.
  3. Now a popup will appear saying ssl-api.appvv.com would like to install vShare. Tap on Install to continue.
    Installing vShare unjailbroken
  4. Now, wait for vShare to install.
  5. After it has been installed, tap home button and from your home screen launch vShare.
  6. When you will launch vShare you will get an Untrusted Enterprise Developer.
  7. To solve this error, Head over to Settings -> General -> Profiles.
  8. There look for the aforementioned profile and tap on Trust. Tap on Trust again and now it will be trusted and you will be able to launch the app.
    Trust Profile iOS
  9. Now head back to home screen and launch the vShare and enjoy downloading paid apps for free.

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These were the methods to install vShare on your iOS device and enjoy paid apps for free. If you faced any problem during any step or any method then let me know in comments below!

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