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How to Format An Android Mobile

How to Format An Android Mobile?

Having a lot of apps and data on your Android device can make it slow and sometimes it takes a very long time to open an app. There can also be some bugs on your Android device that will also be the cause of the apps opening slower or you somehow messed up with some settings and you don’t know how to revert them back then it may be the time for Format your Android device and Factory Reset.

Factory Reset will erase all of your data stored on the device and also revert all the settings back to the default. You will get the phone in the condition that you bought(If you didn’t drop it) it in.

Factory Reset is also good for you if you are selling your Android device because if you try to delete all of the data by yourself and then sell it then chances are that the Buyer can access your information. Avast, a security firm reports that when it bought some Phones from eBay then it was able to recover Photos, Mail and other information from them. So, If you factory Reset your Android device then it won’t happen to you.

Android Factory Reset

So, Let’s get started with How to Format An Android Mobile or How to Factory Reset An Android device.

Before Proceeding

Before you proceed any further to Factory Resetting your Android device, there are several things that you should do.

If you are on a Samsung Device

If you running any Samsung Galaxy device then you should remove your Samsung Account. You can do this by going to Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Find My Mobile -> Enter your Password -> Account -> More -> Remove Account.

You should do this in case if this creates any kind of problem after the factory reset so, it is better if you just do it.

Back Up Your Data

If you are just selling your smartphone then it is best that you make a backup of your data on your PC. If the data is important then a backup is must but if you just have some regular stuff on your Device then a backup won’t be necessary but it mostly depends on you. I advise that you make a backup on PC or on Google Drive.

How to Format An Android Mobile? – How to Factory Reset An Android Device?

If you have important data on your device then please make sure to have a backup. To Factory Reset an Android Device;

Android Factory Reset

  1. Open the Settings -> Backup & Reset -> Factory Data Reset.
  2. Now Tap on Reset Phone to Continue.

When the Factory Reset process is completed then all of the data on your device will be wiped and formatted. Now you will have a fully clean device. Now you can sell it to someone or start fresh.


Format an Android phone is very easy and doesn’t take much time. Another thing is that you can just perform it easily without the help of anyone else. Hoping that these instructions were helpful for you. If you have any kind of problem during the process then leave a comment below.

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