Honor 8 to get Android 7.0 Nougat Update on 16th Jan

Huawei Japan Confirms!

Honor 8

Good News for Huawei Hono 8 users. Some of them might be getting Android 7.0 Nougat update sooner than expected. Huawei Japan press released claims that the update will be to roll out from Monday, 16th January.

The Press release also adds that EMUI 5.0(latest) will also be included with Android 7.0 and will have new features as compared to current EMUI 4.1. The size of the update will be 1.97 GB. EMUI 5.0 will include a lot of new features such as allowing users to run different profiles, some security and power efficiency improvements.

Huawei told media that Honor 8 would get the Nougat update in February but looks like that Huawei Japan got ahead and will roll out the update soon. Tomorrow we will see if this news is accurate and users are getting the update or not.

[Source: PrimeTimes(Huawei Japan)]

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