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Google Maps adds Uber integration

If you use Uber frequently to book your ride and you also have an Android smartphone then things have gotten pretty easier for you. The latest update of Google Maps for Android came with some new great features and it allows you to book, complete, communicate with the driver and pay for your Uber ride directly from the Google Maps. Now, there is hardly any need for the Uber’s official app.

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What this requires is that you must have an Uber account to use this feature on Google and after you sign in using your Uber account on Google Maps, you will be now able to book your next ride and also connect with the driver and also track the driver from where he is coming. It made things really easier and you will also be able to look at your Ride’s information while you are on it.

With these new features, Google Maps also has an updated interface for the ride options where you are located. Before this update, the interface and options were boring but now the app shows you your local map and also a carousel UI for certain ride options from which you can pick from. Tapping on any Ride provider, such as Uber or Lyft will show a list of rides and payments along with coupons or promotions for that ride.

Google Maps New VS Previous Ride Interface Google Maps New(Right) VS Previous(Left) Ride Interface[/caption]

If you use Uber then you should try out Google Maps to book a ride. If you have done it then share your experience with me in comments below.

[Source: Google]

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