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Get Picture-in-Picture Feature with ForceInPicture Tweak

[sgmb id=”1″]New iPads and Macbooks have the feature of picture-in-picture allowing using to watching an overlay of video and performing any task they want at the same time but this feature isn’t available on older iPads and other iPod touch and iPhones but now this awesome feature will available on your device with the help of jailbreak tweak called ForceInPicture. ForceInPictures supports all the iOS 9 and iOS 10 jailbroken devices.

With the help of this tweak we can the get the picture-in-picture feature on smaller devices like iPhone and iPod touch but there is a reason that Apple didn’t include these in the first place and the reason behind that is that smaller devices have a small display size and hence the users can’t get a good viewing experience on smaller devices.

Nevertheless, some people may enjoy this feature so, it is nice to have this feature for iPhones and other older devices too. What this tweak does is that it enables the natives picture-in-picture feature of iPhone instead of adding something manually. So, the native features have no bugs and other issues and this performs really well at least better than the third-party solutions.

After installing the tweak, you can use it immediately. All you have to do is open a video and you will notice a dedicated button of the tweak. Tap on that button and then tap on the home button and the video that you were watching will show as an overlay at the bottom of the screen. You can reposition the overlay by dragging it with one finger. The overlay has 3 buttons for; Pause, Close or Return to full size.

The tweak is compatible with the default Apple video player so, it will work with the videos app and Safari but it won’t work with apps like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. If you want to watch the videos of these apps as an overlay then you can open the same videos in the Safari and then make it as an overlay and then enjoy them.

ForceInPicture tweak is available for all iOS 9 and iOS 10 jailbroken devices and is available for free on BigBoss Repo on Cydia. This is an amazing tweak and really helpful for some people.

What are your thoughts about ForceInPicture tweak? Do you think it’s good to have picture-in-picture feature on smaller devices? Let me know in comments below.

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