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Get iOS 11 like notification experience with NotificationCenterXI

iOS 11 brought a lot of new features and updates with it and Notification Center’s updated look is one of them. If you are a normal user then you can upgrade and easily enjoy the new features and updates but if you are jailbroken then you don’t have the option to upgrade.

If you are a jailbreak user then you can still get some of the iOS 11 features on your iOS 10 jailbroken device thanks to the iOS developer LaughingQuoll. NotificationCenterXI is a new jailbreak tweak that brings the iOS 11 like notification center to iOS 10 jailbroken devices.


As you can see in the screenshots, the background which used to be blurred when you receive any notification now is revealing everything which is a feature of iOS 11. It reveals the whole wallpaper instead of blurring the background.

The Notification Center is almost similar to the Lock Screen of in iOS 11. So, the tweak takes advantage of that and makes the Notification Center a copycat of the Lock Screen.

There are also some minor changes such as date and time displays and the subtle animations etc. NotificationCenterXI makes everything better than before and is definitely a tweak that you should try to get iOS 11 like experience.

After installation, the tweak adds a dedicated preferences pane to the Eleven preferences(Group of XI Tweaks). Currently, the preferences pane is not active but soon it will be active according to the developer. The options will be available there once the preferences pane is active.

If you are interested in the idea of this tweak and want it on your device then you can download and install NotificationCenterXI from Cydia’s BigBoss Repo. It is available for $1.00 and compatible with iOS 10 Jailbroken devices only.

What are your thoughts about this jailbreak tweak? Would you install it on your device? Let us know in the comments below.

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