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Get Dark Mode for Messages with DarkMessages Tweak

It was in the news that Apple will be introducing the Dark Mode feature to iOS 10.3 but that didn’t happen and it seems like that it won’t happen in near future too but who knows. Anyways, Dark Mode is loved by many people and it was first debuted in a jailbreak tweak called Eclipse and Dark Mode is inspired by it.


On previous versions of Jailbreak, the Eclipse tweak is available and many users are using it who aren’t on iOS 10 jailbreak but on iOS 10 jailbreak the Eclipse is not available but there is a tweak which just brings dark mode to Messages only. The tweak is called DarkMessages and it brings dark mode to the Messages app on iOS 10 jailbreak.


What this tweak does is that it changes the whole interface of the iOS 10 Messages app and then turn it into a dark-blackish shade. It reduces the strain on the eyes at night time and this Black Interface suits better than the default white interface.

DarkMessages gives the dark effect to the whole Messages app including its elements too such as Keyboard, Text Field, Navigation Bar, and Messages bubbles.


DarkMessages tweak is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo and it works just as advertised and it is worth a shot.


After Installing the tweak, it will be enabled and no respring is required to enable it. If you want to switch back and forth between the dark and white interface then you can do this by visiting the Preferences Pane of the tweak in Settings.

Final Words

The Dark theme looks way better than the normal theme of the Messages app and it also soothes the eyes at the night time. The tweak is just inspired by the Eclipse tweak and it looks like that there may be some more tweaks like this in case if Eclipse is not updated and supported for iOS 10 Jailbreak

Give this tweak a shot and let me know in the comments below about your experience.

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