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Gboard lag issue fixed!

Gboard was released initially for iOS in May last year and it was debuted on Android in December last year. The Keyboard has really great features and one of the biggest features is that we can search without leaving the particular app that we were using thanks to the G button. Tapping on the button opens the Google and we can search through it without leaving the app and also share the results of the search too. It also has multi-language support and it also allows you to type in up to three different languages without switching between the languages.

After the launch, many users have reported that there is input lag and sometimes when typing fastly, the keyboard becomes unresponsive and doesn’t recognize the taps. Well, Google released a new update for Gboard and it promises to fix these lagging bugs and issue.

The problem is (or was), however, various users started reporting lag issues: the keyboard wouldn’t register your taps, word suggestions and auto-correct would freeze the phone entirely, etc.

I also faced this same problem and the keyboard lagged a lot and when typing in hurry, the keyboard won’t recognize my taps and it will also freeze the device for a while. Well, with this update this seems to be fixed and after updating to the latest version the problems and bugs seem to be fixed.

You will find the latest update on Google Play Store.

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