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FastPokeMap – Best Pokemon Go Scanner

As many of you, Pokemon Go Enthusiasts may know about the FastPokeMap that it is one of the best third party Pokemon trackers which is created by a lot of Pokemon Go lovers around the world. The function of this tracker is that you can find all the Pokemon that are nearby you(which are hidden) without having to look for them and tire yourself.

With just a single tap, the FastPokeMap will scan the area that you selected and then it will show all the Pokemon that are available in that area at that time and this tracker, FastPokeMap reveals the exact location of Pokemon.

Along with the location of Pokemon, you will also have some additional information that in how much time will this Pokemon expire, its name, looks, and other stuff.

So, Basically, this tracker saves your time and helps you find the Pokemon that you are looking without having to wander here and there for it and waste your time. It saves your precious time and energy! Quite Helpful, isn’t?

How To Use FastPokeMap?

You will learn that how you will be able to use this tracker and save your time, energy and also find the Pokemon that you were looking for. To use FastPokeMap is quite easy and is like other trackers. This Tracker works on all the device(PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Blackberry) and doesn’t require anything more than a web browser.

So, let’s get started!

  1. From your selected device, visit https://fastpokemap.se/ from the browser.
  2. After the site opens, you will see two options there:
    Either to Search for Location Manually
    Or Use GPS Tracking Option(If your device has this feature)
  3. If you use GPS Location Tracking option, then the website will use the GPS feature and automatically navigate you to your location(which is very easy) and will scan and show Pokemon in that area.
  4. I will be showing you how you can use the second option(Manually Searching) and track the Pokemon.
  5. To use the Manual Option, you will have to enter the name of your City(as shown below) and then the tracker will take you to that city.
  6. Now you can navigate around the city freely and look for your location.
  7. After navigating the correct position, click on that location and it will drop a marker there. It will be the center of scan radius.
  8. After a while, it will show the results of scanning.(It may take some time depending on your Internet speed and the load on the Website’s Server)
  9. After the scan has been completed, it will show you that how many Pokemon it found near that area and the scan button will turn to green.
  10. To reveal that which Pokemon was found, tap on the bar at the top-right corner and it will reveal Pokemon that were found in that area along with their pictures.
  11. Now, head over to that area in the given time and catch the Pokemon.

How to read the location of Pokemon Easily?

If you can’t find the location of Pokemon easily or you can’t exactly note it then here is what you should do:

  • Zoom into the Pokemon that you want to catch and then tap on that.
  • You will be switched to Google Maps and then you can easily switch to Earth View and find the Pokemon’s location easily.

That’s it, folks! If you are looking for FastPokeMap alternatives then please Bookmark this page, I will update the list accordingly.

(Pics from: www.bestforandroid.com)

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