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Enhace the Phone App with CallPlus

CallPlus is the ultimate tweak to enhance your phone app it has several features which make the Phone app secure and better than before. There are many tweaks that are available for the Phone app but there isn’t anyone with features that this tweak has to offer.

Features of CallPlus

Dial Locker: this creates a new page on the lock screen with a dialer that allows you to easily dial contacts directly from there.

Dial Locker has a speed dial option by which you can assign whom to call when you hold the numbers.

Switcher Call allows you to add favorite contacts in the switcher just like iOS 8 beta days which Apple removed for no reason. With this tweak, you import a photo from your gallery, crop it and then choose which number to call when that photo is tapped.

Colored Logs makes the calls highlight with specific colors, each color representing particular something.

  • Blue color means outgoing calls.
  • Red color means missed calls.
  • Green color means connected incoming calls.

CallPlus Tweak

Call Protection allows you to protect the phone button. When you press the call button, you will need to input your fingerprint in order to be allowed to call that user.

Call Options are also available. When you press a contact in the recent tab it asks whether you want to text or call that user if you press text it will automatically open the message app to that person’s conversation without leaving the phone app and if you press call you need to input your fingerprint in order to call.

If you want to configure the options of the tweak then head over to the preferences pane of the tweak. From there, you can configure the options of the tweak. For convenience, there is Save button at the bottom of the page by which you can save settings. No respring is required for settings to take place.

If you are interested in the idea of this tweak and want to try it out on your device then you can download and install CallPlus from Cydia’s BigBoss Repo. It is available for $1.50 and is compatible with iOS 9 and iOS 10 Jailbroken devices.

What are your thoughts about this tweak? I think that it is a very useful tweak that one can have on his jailbroken iPhone. Let us know in the comments below.

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