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How To Download Netflix Movies & TV Shows For Offline Viewing

[sgmb id=”1″]Netflix rolled out their newest update and it has the feature which allows you to download movies and TV shows for later so when you are on a trip or have no internet connection you can view them on your device. Downloading TV shows and Movies is quite simple and easy but many Netflix users don’t know how to download them for offline viewing. Below is the tutorial on How To Download Netflix Movies & TV Shows For Offline Viewing. You will also be able to select the quality if that’s the thing bothering you. Let’s get started!

  1. The first thing that you have to do is update Netflix to the latest version.
  2. After that launch, the Netflix app and tap on the menu icon available on the top left side of the app.
  3. From that menu tap on Available for Download option and it will take you to list of all movies and TV shows that are available to download for offline use. The list is frequently updated so keep checking it after a certain amount of time.
    Netflix Offline Download-01
  4. On next screen, a certain amount of movies and TV shows will be displayed. The content will differ from each location and country. So, your country may have a certain TV Show but not a certain movie.
  5. Tap on the TV Show or movie that you want to download for offline use.
  6. After that, you will be on the feature page of that movie or TV Show. The page is almost the same as before except for the addition of download icon under the description of movies and download button next to the episodes of a TV Show.
    Netflix Offline Download-02
  7. Tap on the download icon to proceed further. After tapping, you will notice a new progress bar at the bottom that will show about all the content being downloaded. You can tap on that and see what you have downloaded so far. If you accidentally tapped on the download icon of a movie or an episode then you can also cancel it from there.
    Netflix Offline Download-03
  8. After the episode or movie has been downloaded is available to play on your device, a check mark will appear next to that content.

To set the quality of the video, you will have to tap on the menu from the app regular interface and then tap on App Settings. There you will see a new option Downloads. From there you can change the settings for the content that you want to download. You can choose if the content is to be downloaded through Wi-Fi only or through Cellular and Wi-Fi both. To set the video quality of the downloaded content, tap on Video Quality and from there select Standard or Higher quality depending on your device storage and Internet connection speed.
Netflix Offline Download-04

This feature is only available for Android and iOS version of Netflix. That’s it! Now you can enjoy the entertaining content on your device offline.

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