Customize your lock screen with LockPlus10 Tweak

With Jailbreaking your device, there come many things which a person can do and customize his iPhone. There are many tweaks with the help of which we can customize the look and feel of our iPhone. LockPlus 10 is a Cydia tweak with the help of which we can customize the lock screen of our iPhone.

LockPlus 10 is a theme tweak which allows the users to create the themes and apply them on their iPhones. They can also share their themes with other people and also use the themes that are created by other users. The lock screen themes of the LockPlus 10 are fully customizable and it gives the users a full control to customize their iPhone’s look.

With the help of this tweak; LockPlus 10, users can build their own themes which may consist of specific wallpapers, weather, date and time information and other systematic elements among other things.

You can apply the default LockPlus 10 theme and also the newly created themes by users and you can also create some new themes by going to From there you can create new themes that will fit all 64-bit devices and will rely on LockHTML.

The LockPlus10 tweak can be downloaded from Cydia and it is available for free. It supports iOS 10 jailbroken devices. To download this tweak you will have to a new repo/source to Cydia:

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