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How to become an iOS Developer?

[sgmb id=”1″]Being Passionate about becoming an iOS Developer:

Becoming an iOS developer is easy if you are passionate about becoming developer iOS. Everything is easy if you’re passionate about it. If you are not passionate about becoming an iOS developer then it might be hard to become an iOS Developer because this is a development field and requires a lot of programming. People think that mobile apps are really easy to build but that’s not the reality. Before an app goes live on App Store, it is first tested to check about its perfect programming and coding and about its compatibility with all the devices. Becoming Developer iOS is hard but it’s way harder if you are not passionate about it.

Owning a Mac:

The next thing that you need for becoming an iOS developer is a Mac. iOS apps are only developed using Apple Mac Products and Windows computers and laptops aren’t capable of developing iOS apps. Most of the users have a Windows laptop but for becoming a developer iOS and developing iOS apps and uploading them on iOS apps store can only be done through Apple Mac Products.

Getting to Know iOS:

Before you can become an iOS Developer, you should get to know about iOS. iOS 10 is the latest version of iOS and Apple introduced some new features in it. Buy an iOS device if you don’t own it and use it for a month or more and get to know about iOS. How can you integrate new features of iOS in your app? Use iOS device and you will learn about it!

Learn Swift:

For becoming an iOS developer you must have at least a little bit of knowledge of Swift. As from what I have heard from certain Software Engineers, Swift isn’t that hard to learn and is a simple language not very complex. For becoming an iOS Developer, you should at least know about the syntax and Foundation framework (objects, collections, data types, networking, JSON).

Learn From Video Courses:

The next thing that will help you in becoming developer iOS is that you should learn from Video Courses of Professional Developers. There are a lot of iOS development courses on Udemy that you can buy but if you can’t afford it you can also find them through the torrent website(*Pirated Content: Not Advised). These courses are really helpful and they have the step-by-step guide for developing an iOS app, right from the start.

Practice and Build an App:

After watching the video courses of Professional Developers, you should also start to implement those courses practically after watching them. These courses are really helpful and they tell you quite a lot about iOS development. Start coding for your app that you have an idea in mind and practice coding for that app. Practice, Practice, and Practice and soon you will be able to easily build your own iOS App. After building your app test it on your Mac and make sure it’s compatible with every iOS device.

Submit to App Store:

After you have successfully developed your own iOS app, submit it to iOS Apps Store. For submitting your app you need to have the iOS developer account which is available for 100$/year. Submitting your app to iOS apps store is only good if you have funds to buy the iOS developer account. If you don’t have enough funds then you should ask someone else to upload it as a favor.

Applying for Job:

If you haven’t uploaded your iOS app to iOS apps store then you can put that app as a part of your resume. Apply for the jobs in your local area or you can look for them online through monster.com or other websites. If your application is good enough then the company may hire you as it will be part of your resume and it will impress the company that you are a good developer.

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