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Android Backup Software for PC

So, many of us run Android devices but we don’t have any software to backup our data like contacts, call logs, SMS, music, movies, photos, and even applications. This content is very important for us and if we want to Factory Reset and then start then these backups are best for us.

So with the help of backup, we can keep all our data safe in our PC and use it in case if original data is somehow deleted or lost or the SD card is formatted. So, for this reason, I will be recommending a very best Android Backup Software for PC that will not back up the data but it is available for free unlike other software which just makes the backup and to restore that backup you will have to buy the software.

Data Back App

So, let’s get started with Android Backup Software for PC.

Syncios Android Backup Software for PC

Syncios is a professional toolbox for your Android devices and it offers a very easy solution by which you can manage your Android devices and also make a backup of them on your PC. The software is really easy and simple to use.

Backup App Data Android

With the help of Syncios, you can not only make backups but also perform other functions like File Transfer, Recover Data and also make Ringtones by yourself.

  1. To Make your Backup, First Download Syncios from here.
  2. Now Install the Software on PC and Run it.
  3. Plug in your device to PC and it will recognize it.
  4. If it doesn’t then you will have to enable USB Debugging from Settings.
  5. After that, the Software will recognize your device.
  6. Syncios app will be installed on your mobile.
  7. Then open the App and then tap on new Backup.
  8. Select all the contents that you want to backup and then you want to make a backup on either SD Card or DropBox.
  9. You can then download the backup from DropBox or transfer it from SD Card.

Syncios Android

To Restore from Backup:

  1. Open the Syncios app.
  2. Tap on Restore.
  3. Select SD Card or DropBox(where you have the backup).
  4. Restore it from there.

That was it, Guys! Now you have learned how to create a Backup of your Android device using Android Backup Software for PC. If you have any question then leave it in the comments below.

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