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at&t : has shut down its 2G Network

AT&T 2G Discontinue

Back in its days 2G network was in its prime and it had a wonderful time until iPhone was launched and 3G came.

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Well, a major carrier of the US AT&T announced that it has now shut down the 2G network and will work to improve its current 4G LTE network and also improve the previous 3G network. AT&T announced 4 years ago that it would be shutting down 2G network but they took some time and now only 1st January they did it.

at&t Wireless

To help support the massive growth of mobile internet usage and free up spectrum for newer technologies, we discontinued service on our 2G wireless networks Jan. 1, 2017.

Since launching our 2G networks, technologies like smart phones, social media and wirelessly connected devices have changed the network landscape. In fact, since 2007, data usage on our network has grown by 250,000% with video being a significant contributor to this growth.

We announced our plan to shut down the 2G network 4 years ago. Prior to the shutdown, we communicated frequently with our customers about upgrading to newer technologies. And we wanted it to be easy to do, so we offered discounts and free devices to eligible customers.

-AT&T on their website

So, now the old devices which don’t have 3G support won’t connect to the internet if you are on AT&T.

[Source: AT&T]

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