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Android Help Portal For Android Users


How can I set the display brightness?

On your Home Screen, Swipe from top to bottom and there you will see a slider. From there you can adjust the brightness of the display.

How can I change the Wallpaper?

Most of the Android smartphone have pre-installed Wallpapers but if you want to set any custom picture as wallpaper then locate that picture from the Gallery and the tap and hold on it. A menu will appear from there tap on Set As and then Set as Wallpaper.

How to check the resolution of Display?

To Check the resolution of your Android Device’s Display visit this website whatismyscreenresolution.com and it will tell you about the resolution of your display.

Which Display Type is best?

I Would personally say that AMOLED Displays are better than IPS and provide a better display as compared IPS.

How much storage do I need in a smartphone?

If you are buying a new smartphone then I would recommend that you should buy a smartphone with at least 16 GB of storage but If you can’t afford then 8 GB with SD Card would be best.

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