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AirPods Leading the Wireless Headphones Market

Everyday we see new technology, everything improving. Same is the case with headphones from being wired, bulky and big, they are now very compatible and easily fit in our pocket.

Apple announced about their latest AirPods on Sept 7th and released them recently. Slice Intelligence a research firm gathered some data and according to it, wireless headphones have taken out the market by a margin and their sales have increased rapidly. Apple’s latest AirPods have taken over one-fourth of Wireless headphone market.

The research data shows that in the U.S about 75% revenue made from headphones sale in December was due to Wireless headphone and what is amazing is that Apple’s AirPods have taken about 26% of total sales of wireless headphones and replaced the Beats to become the No.1.

Airpods Stats

Before the launch of AirPods, Beats had about 24.1% of the market but after the launch of AirPods, it decreased to 15.4%. Slice Intelligence also said that on December 13 most headphones were sold beating the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Apple has not yet released about the stats of AirPods sales but Tim Cook said that these AirPods are a Runway Success.

[Source: Slice Intelligence]

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