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QuickShuffleRepeat tweak

Add Shuffle And Repeat Buttons With QuickShuffleRepeat Tweak

With the latest iOS 10, Apple removed the Shuffle and Repeat buttons from the Control Center for the Music app although Apple did add a whole new section for the music app but these two buttons aren’t available exclusively and they are only available when you are in the Music app. These basic functions aren’t available until you access the Now Playing screen through the Music app although the Now Playing screen can be accessed through any application.

Not having these two buttons can create problems for the users who use them on regular basis but worry not. There is a new tweak called QuickShuffleRepeat Tweak which solves this problem. What this tweak does that it allows you to access these button from anywhere on the iPhone without launching the Music App and accessing the Now Playing Screen.

As soon as you install the QuickShuffleRepeat Tweak, swipe up from bottom to open Control Center and then swipe left to access the Now Playing Screen and there you will find these two buttons. The tweak works after it is installed and there is nothing to configure. The tweak works very well like a charm and it removes the necessity of launching the Music app every time when you want to access these two buttons.

QuickShuffleRepeat Tweak is available for iOS 10 devices and free on Cydia on CP Digital Darkroom’s private repo. You will have to add this repo https://beta.cpdigitaldarkroom.com and then proceed to download this tweak.

What are your thoughts about this new QuickShuffleRepeat Tweak? Do you think it’s useful? Let me know in comments below.

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