How to access Shuffle and Repeat Buttons on iOS 10.2?

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After updating to the latest iOS 10.2 if you haven’t been able to find the Shuffle and Repeat buttons for Music app then worry not. In iOS 10.2, Apple re-positioned these buttons in music app and now they are easier to users and you can access them from Now Playing screen. Finding them for the first time may be hard for you. Today, I will be showing you how you can access Shuffle and Repeat buttons on iOS 10.2.

To access these buttons, first, launch the Music Application on your iOS 10.2 device and play any song. When you will be on Now Playing screen, just swipe up and by doing so it will reveal the Shuffle and Repeat buttons.

If these buttons aren’t activated then they will have a gray background but if they are activated then they will have red background indicating that this button is on right now. Tapping on repeat button twice will repeat the track that you are listening to instead of the whole album.

So, were you able to access these buttons on your iOS 10.2 device? Let me know in comments below.

Written by Ehtisham Rehman

Ehtisham was first inspired by technology when he read about iPhone 5 and from that day He became a tech enthusiast and is now running this website. New technology every day inspires him and he loves to write about technology.

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