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iOS 10 Control Center

How to Access Control Center When It Is Disabled Within Apps?

Control Center is one of the most important things about iOS. It has many useful shortcuts which are handy for many situations. If you have Control Center disabled in apps then it might become tedious for you to access and use it as it is a long process. First, you have to press the home button and then access the Control Center and then return back to the back.

Well, there are actually two solutions for that. The first thing that you can do is enable Control Center in apps which are the ultimate and most easy solution. To do this, you will have to Go to Settings > Control Center > Access Within Apps. By doing so you will be able to access Control Center within the apps but if you have disabled that option and still want to access Control Center then I have got an easy solution for you.

If you had to open the Control Center whilst using an app then you can open the App Switcher by double-tapping on the home button and it will open. On App Switcher, just swipe up from the bottom and you will be able to access Control Center without actually closing the app. When you are done then you can dismiss it and then tap on the app’s card to continue using it.

With this easy solution you can access Control Center easily but it is better that you just enable the Control Center Access Within the apps.

What are your thoughts about this trick? Let me know in the comments below.

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