96% of Galaxy Note 7 devices returned

Airlines no longer have to announce pre-flight warnings!

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has announced that about 96% of users have returned their Galaxy Note 7 devices back to the company and it increased from 85% back in December last year. This isn’t a big news or milestone for Samsung but still they will announce about it.

This is also due to a move by Samsung and carriers. They issued a software update which would kill the Galaxy Note 7 completely and not possible for usage and this led to the users giving up on their devices.

Due to the Galaxy Note 7, Airlines had to announced about this particular device but now they won’t have to announce about that passengers can’t bring the Galaxy Note 7 on the flights. Still, everyone is waiting to hear from Samsung that what actually caused the explosion.

Written by Ehtisham Rehman

Ehtisham was first inspired by technology when he read about iPhone 5 and from that day He became a tech enthusiast and is now running this website. New technology every day inspires him and he loves to write about technology.

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